Wardrobe Architect Week 7

By Tiffany - Saturday, March 01, 2014

For week 7 of the Wardrobe Architect, we are supposed to explore what prints and solids we like.

Looking through my wardrobe, I notice that most of my tops are prints, while I like solids for my bottoms. Although, occasionally I wear skirts with prints and solid on top. I like pairing a print with a cardigan or jacket that goes with one of the colours in the print.

Here are some of the tops I love:

Lots of big floral patterns with bold colours and some more subtle, novelty-type prints. I love the robots - I wear that top year round.

And here are some of the fabrics in my stash that I love:

Some Liberty of London lawns and some other large florals. I'm think of making most of these into tops. But, I might also make a dress or a skirt.

So, when it comes to patterns, it seems that I don't like stripes, dots, or animal prints. Instead I like floral, geometric, and novelty prints. 

I do have some nice solids in my stash, too:

I have a lovely, brownish-grey wool suiting fabric and a nice pale blue cotton stretch sateen. I want to make pants out of both.

So, no surprise, I like colourful prints and I like to make sure they are paired well with solids. I did find out that I think I need more robots and subtle, geeky prints. Even though the actual robot shirt is a bit uncomfortable, I love wearing it because of the robots.

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  1. Wow! you have a lovely collection of prints, I'm jealous. Spotlight has just released a bunch of comic book prints (Wonder Woman, Batman etc) and some beautiful children's prints as well, like Peter Rabbit and Where the Wild Things Are. They suggest making a pencil cases with them but I think they're crying out to be clothing!!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll check that out. :)