Wardrobe Architect Week 11

By Tiffany - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 11 of the Wardrobe Architect  is to compare our silhouettes to what we actually already own and look for any holes. These were my silhouettes and colours:

This step was a lot like I had done earlier when wardrobe planning. Except, I found it even easier, since I could also focus on colours and patterns. This exercise made it easier get rid of even more clothes that just aren't 'me' and that I hardly wear. Storage in my small bedroom is an issue, so I like that I am able to get rid of more stuff. What I do keep will probably last longer, since I will no longer be smashing and stuffing it into a drawer.

Right away, I found out that I need another pair of dress pants and some capris pants (for when it warms up a bit). I will probably use Burdastyle 08/2013#118 - the same pattern I used to make my jeans.

I've started knitting a light featherweight cardigan using some Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace in Willow. Hopefully, it will turn out.

I already got a jacket for my wardrobe. Of course, I made my Cordova with my Wardrobe Architect exercises in mind. I might make one other even lighter jacket for when it gets just a bit warmer. Maybe something like this cute Safari jacket (Burdastyle 02/2011 #127).

And of course, I would love to sew a few more knit tops. But, I my challenge there will be finding knit fabric that I like. The search is on!

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  1. Hi, Tiffany. Thanks for looking at my blog and commenting (Pattern and Branch). I'm having fun looking through yours. How do you like the BurdaStyle Patterns? I've never used them and while I see a lot I like, I'm hesitant to actually buy. Are they easy to use?

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! I like the Burdastyle patterns - especially the bottoms, since they are close to my proportions, so I don't have to grade (there is less of a difference between the waist and hips than with the other big companies). The pdf print out ones are nice, cause if you mess up your alterations or cut out the wrong size, you can go back and print up a new, clean copy. The magazine ones can be a little bit tricky to trace, but you get so many patterns in one magazine.