2013 Wardrobe Plan

By Tiffany - Monday, March 11, 2013

Alright, I finally have a plan! I have so many different things I want to make. I have prioritized it all, so I don't get overwhelmed.

Firstly, I am going to make a shirt for my Black and White challenge.

I'm going to make myself a blouse using either the Sewaholic's Alma (1st choice), Colette's Jasmine (2nd choice), or Burda's Ute (3rd choice) patterns depending on which one I can get my hands on. I would like something with a nice collar and sleeve detail where I can play with contrasting colours.

I have also decided to make it mostly white and light coloured instead of black. When I reviewed my existing wardrobe, I found that I have a lot of dark shirts, but not a lot of light coloured ones. Light coloured shirts are more suited for spring.

The rest of my plan is after the jump.

In order to create an organized wardrobe plan, I've been keeping a spread sheet of the things I need/want to make. I include potential fabric swatches (from screenshots of what I see), plus any other details on what I need to make the piece. I've also ordered in in terms of importance.

This is what my first item looks like for my Black and White challenge.

Here is the rest of what I want to make:

Dress Pants - I don't have enough for work and what I do have don't fit very well.

  • Pattern: Simplicity Amazing Fit 2700 or other
  • Fabric:  Twill

Jeans - Also for work. I work out in the field somedays, so a nice pair of jeans that fit and look a bit dressy would be great.

  • Pattern: Simplicity Amazing Fit 2700 or other
  • Fabric: Denim

Light Coloured Work Shirts - As already mentioned, I need some lighter shirts for spring and summer.  I was inspired by Tasia's Bird and Flower Alma and want to make a pretty floral one for myself.

  • Pattern: Sewaholic's Alma
  • Fabric: Cotton Voile, Shirting, or Lawn, or Batiste  

Light Coloured T-Shirt - I also want to make a more casual striped shirt.

  • Pattern: One I Have or Sewaholic's Renfrew
  • Fabric: Some Knit or Jersey 

Light Coloured Blazer - Like my shirts, all my other blazers are dark. Plus, it might be fun to try sewing a blazer.

  • Pattern: Check for One I Have
  • Fabric: Twill or Suiting

Shorts - I need new short for summer.

  • Pattern: Simplicity Amazing Fit 2700 or BurdaStyle mag
  • Fabric: Twill or Lawn

Lace Top - I love lace and I've never had a chance to sew with it.

  • Pattern: Not sure yet
  • Fabric: I might have some...

Dress - And of course, I would like to make a nice floral dress.

  • Pattern: Check for One I Have
  • Fabric: Cotton Voile, or Lawn, or Batiste  

That's it for sewing. Of course, there will be more projects from sewing challenges that I participate in.

And here is how my knitting will fit into the wardrobe plan:

Yellow Cardigan - I have lots of cardigans, but none yellow and none that are light-weight handknit.

  • Pattern: Audrey Unst or Pattern I Already Have
  • Yarn: Sport Weight or lighter  

Cowl - And I thought I would use up some stash yarn with a cowl.

  • Pattern: Garland Cowl
  • Yarn: Use up Stash

That's it for now. This plan should make it easy for me to go shopping for supplies with a clear idea of what I need (and not get distracted by all the other pretty things).

I also love how well it came together. Just looking at it this way, I can see that I will be able to mix and match these items with each other and with other clothing I already have. Yay! No 'floaters'!

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  1. Great planning ideas, light coloured shirts are more fun with jeans and other pants which (for me, at least) are always dark. I'm doing a blouse too for the challenge, can't wait to share our progress!

  2. I think I need to do this as well. I haven't decided on my plan for the challenge yet, but I'm hoping to soon!